Our Approach

Evolv takes a 360-degree view of all our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion work. From human resources to physical facilities, public relations, informal norms, demographics, communications strategies, and leadership styles, we consider all the underpinnings of organizational culture and the levers that can be pulled to change it.

With any engagement we employ a four-step process: Assess → Design → Implement → Refine.

We believe in providing concrete tactics to address deficits and make positive change. We link those tactics to timelines, outcomes, and responsible parties to embed accountability.

We understand the critical role of leadership. Empowering those at the top with the understanding, skills, and tools they need is critical to the successful implementation of any DEI approach.

We listen openly and honestly and work with you to address the sensitive, personal, and thorny issues that DEI work almost inevitably unearths.

We guide you in crafting a customized, business driven approach that accurately reflects your desired DEI posture and leverages the unique opportunities and strengths of your organization.

With the team lead by a lawyer, our work always contemplates legal and regulatory implications.

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DEI Plan Development & Implementation

Organizations often find they lack an overall plan or approach to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. Evolv works with entities of all types and sizes to design and implement a comprehensive plan to establish, sustain or improve their DEI strategy.

This work typically focuses on establishing (or refining) an overall DEI posture, then building the internal infrastructure to implement and support it. We begin with a comprehensive analysis of current conditions. We then design the central tool; typically a written top-to-bottom DEI Plan. We work closely with stakeholders to craft a set of goals and recommendations, ideally attached to timeframes and accountability measures across all areas of the organization. Finally, we work with you to operationalize the plan and refine as necessary, including identifying the appropriate suite of trainings.

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DEI-centered Policies & Procedures

A good DEI plan is only as strong as the day-to-day operations and processes that reinforce it. Evolv conducts top to bottom reviews and revamping of DEI related policies and procedures.

With an eye on legal compliance, industry standards and current best practices, we will align all relevant documents, such as employee handbooks, onboarding packets and human resources policies and procedures to an organization’s DEI goals. This will often involve taking a fresh look at recruitment and hiring, employee retention and promotion, compensation and benefits, workforce pipeline development, disciplinary processes, codes of conducts, and reporting structures. We also facilitate discussions and training for staff and leadership on new policies and procedures.

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Global Culture and Compliance

Companies with operations in multiple locations domestically and internationally need to keep up with changing local laws and regulations as well as cultural norms and social movements related to DEI.

We provide reports that outline both the legal and the cultural landscape in the localities in which you operate. We can take this a step further, providing an analysis of how current conditions and trends may affect your organizational strategy in the short, medium and long term and design a local DEI program in response.

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Corporate Governance

Particularly in the non-for-profit world, the Board of Directors sets the tone for organizational culture and protects the health and reputation of the institution. As such, they often have distinct needs in the DEI space.

Evolv works with Boards to identify their own DEI posture and approach, particularly when it comes to recruitment and retention of diverse Board members and creating Board training programs. We also advise Boards on evaluating risks, aligning with local regulations, implementing whistleblower policies and best practices, and responding to internal misconduct.

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Independent External Investigations

Evolv conducts discrete, thorough, and efficient independent investigations into workplace harassment, discrimination and other related potential misconduct.

While never pleasant, these are sometimes required to protect an organization legally, from reputational damage, and to help leadership navigate thorny issues to the best and most fair possible outcome.

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Senior Leadership Advisory and Coaching

The tone at the top defines the culture of an organization perhaps more than any other element and is vitally important to the success of any DEI initiative. We work with CEOs, C-Suite and other senior leadership to improve their individual understanding of, and approach to, DEI.

We serve as a sounding board and thought partner as leaders tackle the often difficult and sensitive work of understanding the factors that underpin inequity. We work with executives to refine their leadership style, enabling and empowering them to set a positive example for their team and steer organizational culture.

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About Evolv

Evolv is a boutique advisory firm dedicated to the difficult work of creating more diverse, equitable, and inclusive places, spaces, and mindsets. We know that a more equitable enterprise is a more successful one. We can help you get there. Evolv advises both for-profit and nonprofit entities of all sizes on the design and implementation of a variety of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) strategies. We work closely with clients to develop a right-sized, bespoke approach to DEI, be it in response to a singular issue, or to create a comprehensive program to equip you to navigate the complex challenges of an evolving workforce and marketplace for the long term.

Eboné M. Bishop is the Founder and CEO of Evolv. Eboné has long been interested in shifting global demographics and cultural norms, and how organizations respond to these changes. She founded the firm in 2018 to bring her expertise as an attorney and her lived experiences to help others understand and effect positive change in this space. Eboné serves as Co-Chair of the Board of Directors of the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice, a public foundation that advances LGBTQI human rights across the world; is a Senior Fellow and Member of the American Planning Board of Humanity in Action, an international educational organization that promotes human rights, diversity and active citizenship; and is a member of the Junior Board of The Osborne Association, which creates opportunities for, and advocates on behalf of, people affected by the criminal justice system. She received her B.A. in Politics from Brandeis University and her J.D. from Fordham University School of Law. Her early career as a corporate transactions attorney brought her to live and work in Asia, where she specialized in mergers and acquisitions and market entry risk mitigation. She has also worked on domestic fraud investigations and several high-profile international criminal investigations. Eboné currently calls Brooklyn home.